Sei-katsu-sha Data-Driven Marketing

Hakuhodo’s innovative platform for data-driven marketing delivers rapid-fire solutions for our clients. Cutting-edge tools for managing big data offer a clearer picture of markets, where to find customers and how to communicate with them.

The heart of Hakuhodo’s approach to marketing and communications is seeing the whole person (or, as we call them, sei-katsu-sha) as opposed to a one-dimensional “consumer.” Today, using our Data Management Platform (DMP) to optimize the power of big data, we see people in their entirety, learn what drives their purchase behavior, and pinpoint where and how to reach them through the touchpoints of media.

Hakuhodo’s DMP includes cutting-edge tools—new ones are developed each year—that allow us to customize solutions for any client. We can integrate our own extensive databases with those of the client and other sources. Clients use our DMP to understand the intricate relationships between customers and brands and gain early insights into societal shifts and emerging trends. For companies in almost any field of business, our big data analysis can shed light on increasingly complex markets.